DIY Glider Planes
DIY Glider Planes
DIY Glider Planes
DIY Glider Planes
DIY Glider Planes
DIY Glider Planes
DIY Glider Planes

DIY Glider Planes

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Hand throwing DIY Glider Planes for kids

Whizz. Buzz. Whoosh. These may be a few of the many sound effects your kids make when playing with moving toys specially gliders and airplane models. Today all are addicted to mobile phone games, PC and play station games. Your kid has probably become lethargic and less creative. Do you want to change that style, simple, everyday fun! Get rid of screens and hand them our DIY Glider Airplane for hours of imaginative play. Let's get started today!

DIY Glider Airplanes will make your child curious about aviation. With this little experience in flights, who knows your kid would be the next Orville or Wilbur Wright of 21 st century. Give them our DIY Glider Airplane as a DIY project. Let them understand the factors affecting flight and aerodynamic principles in their own terms.

  • Finish - Exquisite craftsmanship,  portable, easy to install, aerodynamic design, safety and environmental protection,         impact resistance
  • Ideal Gift – for any age, especially for kids in 4-15 years. Suitable for aviation enthusiasts, for theme parties.
  • Flight – smooth glide and landing, well balanced


Specifications of the Hand throwing DIY Glider Airplane
Product Material: EPP Material 
Product wingspan: 48cm/18.89''; 35cm/13.77'' 
Product body: 47cm/18.5''; 30cm/11.81'' 
Product height: 12cm/4.72'' 
Applicable age: 4 years or older 
Flight distance: 30 meters 
Color: Navy Blue, Orange, Pink

Installation method of the Hand throwing DIY Glider Airplane
The package contains 3 parts, fuselage, Main wing and stabilizer. 
1. First, pierce the body where the Main wing and stabilizer are installed, and then install them

  1. There are two ways to install the stabilizer. 
  • When the stabilizer is mounted on the top installation hole, the aircraft's flight effect will be circular. 
  • When the stabilizer is mounted on the installation hole below, the flight effect of the aircraft will be a straight flight. 

Reserve yours today. Give your kid a lovely experience with toy aircraft.


Please expect 2-5 weeks in delivery of the product. Due to the demand the delivery period may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Super. Baby Happy


Everything is fine, going for a long time, a little bent tube Wing, flying.


Very long service. For more than two months. But it's all together. The seller is responsible for communication.


Going for a long time! Arrived in 18 days before the closing Buyer Protection. Thinking that will not arrive at all! The seller, the seller said, and that will soon get! Plane or no worse than those sold in stores for 300-500 p.


Like all intact. 48 cm for 81р for two